Saturday, April 24, 2010


An article in Parenting magazine claims that a "close attachment can prevent diseases, boost immunity and enhance IQ in your baby. . . "

If that's true Zachary is destined to be the smartest man in the world given how much he's attached to my hip. Only mama can console for owies, only mama can put him to bed, etc.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Because he hit the magic number of 16 months, Zachary "transitioned" up to the toddler class at his school. I think he was most excited by the new toys they have in that room. I prefer having him with kids older than him- some of the kids are only a month older, but they range up to two years old. He likes that his buddy is in the class with him again.

At his sixteen-month appointment (we had trouble with scheduling at the fifteen-month), he weighed 26.2 pounds and was a whopping 33.5 inches. [Given that I am just shy of 63 inches, one can imagine that it won't be long before he's looming over me.)

Zachary's speech capabilities have exploded almost overnight. He says so many things and it's a random assortment of words- dog, ball, car, bubble, all done- I understand, but "backpack" (yes, very clearly backpack), "owl," "girl," and "whale" seemed rather strange to me.

He loves his trucks and pushing things around. And his books, he can be absorbed by reading for the longest time. I imagine he is already in the running for nerddom like both his parents.

Most days, when I see how beautiful and amazing he is, I still just pinch myself because I can't believe he's mine.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flower power

I have been drowning in work and sick kid at the same time. Sigh. But because I never want to forget the first flower Zachary gave to me . . .

We were outside (Zachary's location of choice- he puts his jacket on over his pajamas and bangs the front door with his fist to be let out in the morning) and Zachary spotted a dandelion. He plucked it and handed it to me. My heart melted. I told him thank you and put it in my hair. When he saw it in my hair, he proceeded to pull it out (in a rather painful fashion). His next move was to attempt to put in his very boy short hair. Despite several attempts, it wouldn't stay, so he threw into the street.