Monday, February 15, 2010

My sick little Valentine

Zachary woke up Saturday night about an hour after going to bed. He was having none of the pat-pat-pat on the back that will usually put him back to sleep. So, I picked him and we rocked a bit. And then out of nowhere, spews and spews of vomit. We got him (and me- most of it was on me) cleaned up and resumed sitting in the glider. A few minutes later- another vomiting episode. We repeated this dance five more times before heading to the emergency room (per the on-call doctor's instructions).

Some iv fluids and anti-nausea meds later, we left the ER at 4 am. Sunday morning, Zachary seemed somewhat better and was tolerating food. And then, more vomit and a fever erupted in the evening. He did manage to mostly sleep through the night, but was still feeling pretty crummy this morning. His school is closed today, so Daddy had planned to stay home with anyway. No fun trip to the zoo as planned for the boys though.

The part about parenting that I hate the most- the helpless feeling when I can't do anything for my kid. I can try to give him medicine or hold him, but I can't actually make him feel better.