Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pictures from July


My favorite playthings are cardboard

I like to steal Daddy's glasses

Out and about

Tomorrow, the little man turns eight months and we are getting closer and closer to my return to work and his introduction to daycare. We are still struggling with naps and they still aren't happening in the crib. Sigh- I really don't know what else to try and fear that they are going to hate me at daycare. As a result of the napping dilemma, we get out and about a lot. In the last few weeks, we've been to the zoo, the Washington County fair and a myriad of park and swim trips.

It amazes me how such a young baby can physically stay awake. He seems determined not to miss a thing- except crawling. Zachary apparently sees no need for that. He still screams as if we are sticking bamboo shoots under his nails when he is put on all fours. He is capable of rocking and scooting but the wailing that occurs must make the neighbors think we are killing him. Instead, he is all about standing- he wants to be vertical all the time. Too bad he hasn't figured out how to get in that position by himself.