Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More pics

These are from the a playdate at the beginning of January

in the ball pit

"talking" with a friend

climbing all around

January also meant moving to the "big" tub from the large single-basin kitchen sink

Swallowing problems and full-time working

On December 31, Zachary had a barium swallow study that showed that he had silent aspiration. Essentially, his swallow is delayed because of a low trigger point and he aspirates thin liquids. The recommendation was to thicken his liquids to the point of honey-thickness. This didn't go so well. I have abandoned it because he was not aspirating or showing the vomiting symptoms with eating that initiated the study in the first place. And for the last month, he hasn't had an episode. Until this weekend. It seems that there is a connection between congestion, coughing and the vomiting. I don't think the aspiration issue completely explains it. And at this point, I am not exactly sure what course to follow. Sigh.

TO add to the fun, at the beginning of January, I returned to work full-time (although only four days a week). As I predicted, I hate it. And it's only going to get worse, since in February, it will be five days a week. I could rationalize two (or maybe three) days a week in my head that I was still spending the majority of Zachary's waking hours with him. And now, I'm not. Additionally, I feel like I am in a constant rush. Rushing to get him to daycare in the morning and get to work, rushing to leave the office in afternoon, rushing to get him something to eat for dinner when we get home. Always thinking ahead and not living in the moment. I hate it, hate it, hate it.

First haircut- January 9

I owuldn't say Zachary needed a haircut, but his hair was straggly and uneven and I just don't care for little boys' hair being over their ears. So, off for his first haircut we went. He was fairly cooperative, if a bit suspcious of what all was going on with those scissors.



(Trying madly to catch up on all the things on which I have fallen behind)

Just for comparison, this was last year's Christmas:

And this was Christmas morning 2009

Most of the presents were for the little man

Christmas Eve before church

I like Daddy's special cranberry sauce

I figured out my new basketball hoop in just one day (and now I like to throw anything in the basket- dog toys, books, Little People, etc.)