Monday, July 6, 2009

Seven Months old today

The little man got his pictures done at Target for his seven-month milestone. He flirted with the photographer big time.

He is over 29 inches and over 20 pounds (we'll get a more official weight tomorrow afternoon).

And this evening, while holding hands, he took steps on his own- he looked like he was marching.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A soggy little firecracker

We took Zachary for a walk in the nearby park on the Fourth of July with the two dogs. It was Zachary's first ride in the front of the stroller sans car seat. At the dog park, Zachary and I split off with one of the dogs (who isn't allowed at the dog park because it isn't entirely fenced and he runs off) and continued on the trail. I decided Zachary looked sleepy and put down the back of the stroller so he was lying down. About ten minutes into our walk, it started to sprinkle. And then the skies opened and a deluge came down. I attempted to take cover under a tree, but decided to forage ahead because surely it would stop raining quickly.

I was wrong. It rained so hard, I couldn't open my eyes because my contacts were virtually glued shit from water. So, there I was walking along with my stroller and completely soaking wet dog, everyone miserable. Poor little Zachary was covered at the top but his legs were soaked. When we got him home, he was so scared and cried as I tried to get him changed into dry clothes.

Oh did I mention, I was wearing a white shirt? Talk about embarassing. My husband is still laughing about this experience, but I haven't gotten to that point yet.