Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Trying out my new snowsuit

Not so sure about all this white stuff

Mama, get me out of here

Candy cane, mmmm

Finding a Christmas tree

Even though I am a big boy, next to Daddy, I still look small

Birthday fun

First Mommy made me clean (no, I really just think the duster is the best toy ever-next to the broom, of course)

Balloons are fun!

Hanging out with the boys (Daddy and Grandpa)

The big cake

A snowman cake just for the birthday boy

Bring it on

An initial try

The aftermath

Thanksgiving photos


A terrible blogger I have been. I could blame lots of things-all very valid- sickness, birthday, holiday preparations, work craziness- but mostly I just need a few more hours in every day.

Developmentally, Zachary has been walking very well for weeks now and he scampers up the stairs at our house way too fast for his old mama. He insists on "walking" down the stairs with help and refuses to learn how to go down backwards on his knees or on his bum. Transition to a cup and whole milk has been a frustrating challenge. Although he wil drink down water out of his cup, Zachary wants nothing to do with the white stuff. I am hesitant to take away the last bottle for fear he's not getting enough nutrients.

A few weeks back we celebrated the little man's birthday. He seemed mostly confused by the proceedings and showed no interest in the gifts at all. Cake, on the other hand, he was a big fan of. And ballons are his new favorite!

At his 12 month appointment, he weighed in at 25.5 pounds (exactly triple his birth weight) and 32 inches long. The length of his torso is requiring 3T pajamas, which end up looking funny as the legs are too long. We have been fighting the neverending runny nose and repeated ear infections since November, so are quite friendly with the doctor's office.

The visit with Santa was tolerated as long as we kept jingling the reindeer bells. It looks like we will be snowed in as we celebrate Christmas here, so lots of new toys to open will keep us occupied.

Pictures to come . . .