Tuesday, August 30, 2011


In case anyone is actually still out there, two is hard- not just two kids but Zachary at two. I never believed in the "terrible twos" before, but honestly I am just hanging on by fingernails and praying for age three.

But another reason for my blog silence can be attributed to our cross-country move. We left the cold winters of Minnesota for the blazing heat of Houston. The kids and I have been here two weeks and are still getting used to our new environment. Since I am now officially a SAHM (until I get admitted to the bar and find a job), I will maybe have more time to be a better blogger. Not holding my breath though.

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Elaine said...

just curious, are you finding the 'threes' worse than the 'twos'? From alot of moms I talked to (and my own experience), I thought the 3s were harder! No one warned me about 'terrible threes'!